Why You Should Work at Bad to the Bone

Arrow You want to build relationships with dogs, cats, and pets of all kinds

Arrow You want to make a difference in our overall community by providing top quality pet care

Arrow You want to be more active and spend more time outdoors

Arrow You have a flexible schedule and want supplemental income ($100 to $500 per week on average)

why you might not like this job

Arrow There are no guaranteed hours, and your schedule will change from week to week, often with little notice from clients

Arrow We are known for our heat and afternoon thunderstorms in Florida, and we work outdoors in all weather

Arrow We go to the client’s homes, so you will be expected to drive your own vehicle to each pet sit or dog walk


Arrow You need to be a dedicated and knowledgeable animal lover, and you should enjoy spending time outdoors

Arrow You must be at least 18 years old and be able to pass a federal background check

Arrow You need a driver’s license and your own reliable transportation

Arrow You need to have a smartphone and be able to use apps and communicate via text message

Arrow You should have another source of income as this job does not guarantee any hours and is meant to be supplemental income

Bad to the bone trained pet sitters and dog walkers

Join the Bad to the Bone Team!

Please complete this application if you are interested in joining our award-winning team of pet sitters and dog walkers.

Do you have a valid drivers license and can you pass a background check?(Required)
As pet sitters and dog walkers, our schedules vary week to week and nothing is guaranteed. While it is possible to eventually make a full time living as pet sitter, this is intended to be supplemental income, not your primary source of income. Do you understand and agree?(Required)
Our most popular service is a 30 minute drop-in visit. What we do during a visit varies based off the specific client's needs. Some will just need their litter box scooped and their cat brushed, while some may have several dogs that need to be walked. Each client will give us instructions on exactly what needs to be done each visit. Do you understand that this variability is part of being a pet professional?(Required)
Do you have your own reliable transportation?(Required)
How far are you willing to travel from your address for pet sitting gigs?(Required)
Which days of the week are you typically available for pet sitting and dog walking? (Check all that apply)(Required)
What time frames are you typically available for pet sitting and dog walking? (Check all that apply)(Required)
Which of our services would you be most excited to do? (Check all that apply)(Required)
May we perform a national criminal background check on you?(Required)

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