Why to Use a Professional Pet Sitter

Have you ever wanted to go on a spur of the moment weekend vacation but end up staying home because, “who is going to take care of Tigger?!” Or maybe you skipped Happy Hour with your coworkers because you had to go home and feed the dog? You should be able to have a house full of furbabies AND live a free and happy life! When you work with a local professional pet sitter, you can live the life of your dreams.

Over the years, my team of pet sitters and I have been told countless times that because of our help, our clients are now able to do things that they haven’t done in years. My clients are my second family, and I am the same to them. This personal relationship that is formed with the pets is what makes using a professional pet sitter so amazing.

Aside from the relationship that is formed between the pets and the pet sitter, there are several other reasons to choose pet sitting over boarding. Because your pets get to stay in their own environment, they are much more comfortable and they do not run the risk of contracting kennel cough or other various diseases or injuries. Keeping them in their home also allows their schedule to stay consistent. Not to mention, you don’t have to go through the hassle of transporting your dogs to a facility.

Your pets are your family, and they deserve nothing but the best. When you are choosing a pet sitter, be sure to not only read their reviews, but get to know them as a person and their style as a care giver. My team and I offer free meet & greets for every new client to answer any questions, get know each other, and go over your pets routines. I will be sharing more about what to look for when choosing a local pet sitter in the future! (Hint: license and insurance is just the tip of the iceberg!)



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