The Bad to the Bone Story

Following his passion for animals, Doug Keeling began pet sitting and dog walking in 2013 and later founded Bad to the Bone Pet Care to extend affordable and reliable top-notch pet care to pet-parents across Florida. The services offered and size of the team has fluctuated through the years, starting with just Doug offering Overnight Stays and Dog Walking on the West side of Jacksonville, to at one point having a team of eight sitters offering Overnight Stays, Dog Walking, Drop-in Visits, Organized Play Groups, Basic Grooming, and Doggie Photo Shoots across the entire Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Plant City areas. Bad to the Bone Pet Care has been voted Best Pet Sitting Service in Northeast Florida in 2016 and 2017. Doug made the decision to scale the team back to himself and two other sitters at the end of 2017 so that he could focus on learning the ins and outs of every aspect of pet care and finish his degree at the University of North Florida. Since that time, Doug has shadowed several local veterinarians, trainers, groomers, and even dog nutritionists and is currently developing a training program for new pet sitters to provide the absolute best and most well-rounded service imaginable. Doug is currently the main sitter for the Jacksonville area, with Margaret being the main sitter for the Lakeland / Plant City area, therefore availability is extremely limited for the time being. Bad to the Bone will begin expanding it’s team once again in August 2018 after the new training program is sound and complete.

What makes Bad to the Bone different?

  • Online Portal for scheduling and invoicing
  • Email Alerts
  • On-Site Mobile Check-Ins via QR Codes
  • GPS Tracking
  • Background Check Verified
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Partnerships with local trainers, groomers, and veterinarians

Doug began pet sitting shortly after moving to Jacksonville in 2013. By 2015 he had enough business start forming a team of dedicated, licensed and insure sitters, by the name of Bad to the Bone Pet Care, LLC. Doug has a true love and passion for pet care and aims to eventually bring top quality in-home care at affordable prices to families all over the country. Currently Bad to the Bone has 7 sitters in the Jacksonville area, 1 in Lakeland, and looking for opportunities to expand.



Jeannie and her beautiful pets became clients of Bad to the Bone in early 2016 after relocating here with her husband from Louisiana. After being a client for several months, Jeannie joined the Bad to the Bone team in October of 2016. Jeannie took on the role of “Pack Leader” in February 2017. As Pack Leader, Jeannie handles all incoming clients and requests, and recruits and trains new sitters. Jeannie will travel but prefers clients in the Oakleaf and Orange Park areas.


Margaret joined the Bad to the Bone team in June 2017. Sporting many years of retail management, and an avid love for animals, Margaret is now the lead for expanding Bad to the Bone Pet Care from North East to Central Florida. Margaret currently serves the Lakeland, Plant City, and Tampa Bay areas.



Tia joined the Bad to the Bone team in March 2017. Tia has lived in Jacksonville all her life and previously worked at Adventure Landing. Tia will travel but prefers clients in the Arlington and Jacksonville Beach areas.



Josie joined the Bad to the Bone team in August 2017. Josie has been a longtime volunteer at the Humane Society as well as a a kitty rehabilitation center. Josie has several pets of her own and is very passionate about the welfare of all animals. Josie will travel but prefers clients in the Beaches, Ponte Vedra, and Southside areas.



Matt joined the Bad to the Bone team in July 2017. Matt is a receptionist at St. Vincent’s by day, and pet sitter by night. He has several pets of his own that is family takes care of while he is doing overnight stays. Matt prefers clients in Orange Park but travels to Riverside and Mandarin also.


Haley joined the Bad to the Bone team in August 2017 after selling her insurance agency. Haley was born and raised in Jacksonville and has been a volunteer with the Humane Society and other charities. She has also recently started her own charity called MuttLove where she designs and sells cute stickers and accessories and all the proceeds go to the Humane Society! Haley will travel but prefers clients in the San Marco, Riverside, Saint Nicholas areas.



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Areas Currently Served

Entire Jacksonville Area: 32244, 32073, 32222, 32065, 32003, 32068, 32043, 32221, 32210, 32205, 32209, 32208, 32206, 32207, 32217, 32257, 32223, 32258, 32277, 32211, 32256, 32224, 32225, 32259, 32225, 32226, 32233, 32266, 3250, 32082, 32219, 32220
Lakeland, Plant City, Tampa Bay Area: 33809, 33810, 33811, 33815, 33805, 33803, 33801, 33812, 33813, 33563, 33565, 33566, 33567, 33527, 33594, 33570, 33572, 33573, 33569, 33579, 33578, 33510, 33511